New release Fantasy available first week of August 2019



Blood of an Exile by Brain Naslund

Sentenced to die but impossible to kill, Bershad was suppose to die.  Caught trying to assassinate a fellow noble, Bershad is given a death sentence,  Fight monsters and die serving the country.  Berashad however can’t die, he has never lost a fight and is the most successful dragon slayer in the Kingdom.  The man who sentenced Bershad gives him an out, kill the King and walk free forever.  Bershad couldn’t care less about the fates of kings or kingdoms, until that is he discovers he might be the only person who can save the life of an innocent child and possibly every creature in Terra.



Kingmaker (The Dragon Corsaors #3) by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes

Kate and Sophia, along with their dragon Dalgren, form a desperate plan to free Phillip from prison.  Thomas is crowned King and uncovers a plot by King Ullr to invade Freya.  Henry is forced to flee to the Aligoes. What he finds there could change the fortunes of his beleaguered nation.



Death Goddess Dance (The Mythos War #3) by Levi Black

Charlie Tristan Moore must stop the Man in Black from achieving his goal of freeing his dread father from his endless confinement, or else he will feast upon humanity for all eternity.  Before she can confront her inhuman mentor however Charlie must make her way to the heart of a hellish, otherworldly prison and call upon the darkest powers at her command.


The Gossamer Mage by Julie E. Czerneda

In Tananen people worship a single deity, the Deathless Goddess, only here in this forbidden relm are there those haunted by words of no language known to woman or man.  The words are Her Gift and they summon magic.  Mage scribes learn to write Her words as intentions: spells to make beast or plants, designed to any purpose.  If the intention if flawed the mage creates a Gossamer, a magical creature that is wild and free and that is costly for the mage.  Her Gift comes at a terrible price, each successful intention ages a mage until they dare no more.  Her magic demands to be used, the Deathless Goddess will take her fee and the mage will die.  To end this one Mage vows to find and destroy her, he has yet to learn that she is all that protects Tananen from what’s outside and all that keeps magic alive.




Witchy Kingdom by D. J. Butler

An encounter with her father’s goddess has not spelled the end for Sarah Elytharias Penn.  Now she must find a way to access the power of the Serpent Throne.  To complicate matters a beloved, charismatic priest returns from a long pilgrimage and attempts to finalize the Wisedom.  Sarah Penn understands she may face a hard fate in the final reckoning but she slao knows she can access the power of the Throne.  If she can find the Wisedom locked inside.



Monster Hunter Guardian by Larry Correia and Sarah A. Hoyt

Owen Pitt and the Monster Hunter International crew are called away to mount a month long rescue mission.  Julie Shackleford, Owen’s wife, however is left behind.  Her task is to hold down the fort and take care of her baby son.  When a routine field call brings her face to face with unspeakable evil calling itself Brother Death however, she will get more excitement then she hoped for,  Julie is the guardian of a powerful artifact and Brother Death wants it.  In the wrong hands it could destroy reality and Julie would die before giving it up.  It’s one woman against an army of monsters but Julie Shackleford is no ordinary woman, she is one tough mother.




The Dragon Republic (Poppy War #2) by R. F. Kuang


Three times Nikan has fought for survival in the bloody Poppy Wars.  Though the third battle is ended, shaman and warrior Rin can not forget the atrocity she committed in order to save her people.  Now she is running from her guilt, an opium addiction has a hold on her like a vice, and the murderous commands of the fiery Phoenix-The god who has blessed Rin with her power.  Though she doesn’t want to live, she refuses to die until she avenges the Empress whose betrayed Rin’s homeland.  Her only hope is to join forces with the powerful Dragon Warlord.  Neither the Dragon Warlord or the Empress are what they seem, the more Rin witnesses, the more she fears she will be forced to use the Phoenix’s deadly power because there is nothing Rin won’t sacrifice to save her country.