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my thirteenth birthday I received a book, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. It was the first but by no means the last Fantasy book I had ever read. From that very first introduction into Fantasy I went on to read more and more. First Terry Brooks, then David Eddings, Terry Pratchett and so on.

Over the last twenty plus years I have read a rather large amounts of books and almost all of them have been in the Fantasy genre. You might find a few Sci-fi books here as well. I want to share my interest and my passion for Fantasy and Fantasy books with you.



There are a rather large amounts of books out there and new ones been introduced all the time, since J. K Rowling introduced Harry Potter into the world we have seen a vast increase in the number of Fantasy books been introduced into books for younger readers.

We are also seen increasing attention toward audio books for people to busy to sit down or who don’t want to lug around volumes of books. I am hoping to not only bring some of the older and lesser known books to people’s attention but provide the latest and best new book suggestions out there.



The goal of this site is to provide some excellent book selections to anyone and everyone interested in reading Fantasy. This might mean through their mobile device, through an e-book reader, through audio books or plain old paper.

However and where ever you want to read your favorite books, find new suggestions or stumble across a book you haven’t tried or ever heard about yet, I hope this site can provide for you.