3.5/5 star rating

The Malloreon Series by David Eddings  vol 1 and vol 2

The series directly follows The Belgariad which really needs to be read first.  Personally I think David Eddings probably should have stopped at the first five books. The humor and adventure is still there, the plot though….  Well at least the books are still enjoyable.



This series is also made up of five books

Guardians of the West

  3/5 star rating

Garion has slain the God Torak and should be expecting to rein in peace, which he mostly does for about eight years. Then the voice of the orb warns to “beware Zamdramas.” So begins a new quest to find out the identity and purpose of Zamdramas. Here Garion learns that he still has a prophecy to furfil, defeating the ‘Child of Dark’. While this is going on his son Geran is abducted by Zamdramas and Garion must recover him. Collecting people along the way, he must travel to the ‘Place Which is No More.’


King of the Murgos

3.5/5 star rating

Garion learns more about Zandramas and with his fellow travelers pose as slavers searching for runaways on their way to Cthol Murgos. When they enter they are captured by desert dwelling Dagashi and given the task of smuggling an assassin through army lines. They arrive at the palace of the King of Murgos and continue on south to the Isle of Verkat. The ship wrecks and they are forced to travel on foot. When they finally get to the island they are directed to Torak’s ruined island but before they leave again soldiers come looking for them. The book ends with the company been sent to Emperor Zakath’s Imperial stronghold


Demon Lord of Karanda

3.5/5 star rating

Garion and his traveling companions are brought to Mallorea. When plague hits, the party escape the city to continue their journey. Reaching Ashaba, Garion is tricked into believing his son and Zamdramas meeting with Urvon and charges in. In the fight the Demon Lord retreats, carrying Urvon with him. The group continues east through demon infected country and encounter Zamdramas who is then forced to flee.


Sorceress of Darshiva

  3/5 star rating

The party enters the Melcene Empire and at the University Belgarath finds information which leads the party to travel to Kell to learn the location of the “Place That is No More.’ The group return to Mallorea and gets re-captured by Zakath who ends up joining them on their quest. The demons go after Garions group and Durnik the blacksmith saves the day and given an amulet.

The Seeress of Kell

  3/5 star rating

The group continues on to Kell and the Seeress surrenders herself to Zakath and directs everyone to Perivor. They attempt to find maps in Perivor that point the way to the “Place That is No More.”  Garion is delayed by re-herring qwuets and is posioned. They eventually find the map, confront Zamdramas and accomany Zandramas into Sardions resting place where Garion son Geran is chosen as the next ‘Child of Dark.’  Garion then choose Errand as the ‘Child of Light.’   The Seeress chooses between the two and the ‘Child of Light’ succeeds, Zandramas and Sardion are changed into stars and sent to outer space.  The adventures all return home to continue their lives


These books actually do make an enjoyable read but am I the only one though who thinks the actual plot sort of sucks though?  I’m sure Davaid Eddings could have found something for these characters to do that doesn’t involve demons, prophecies and all that ‘child of dark’ nonesence.  Just kidnapping Garion’s son would be a good start.  Its sort of a shame because the characters are fun, the adventure in general is enjoyable to read its just…. I really don’t like the actual plot.

More Background info

Learning about David Eddings has been interesting, particularly the fact that he and his wife adopted children were charged with child abuse and was sent to prison.  By all reports he was something of a traditionalist, writing out his books by hand instead of using a typewriter.  It maybe that his more old-fashioned views explains the stereotypes he uses in his books.  Females are good for cooking but shouldn’t be in the battle field.  The West is good, the East has slanty eyed villains. If you can over look the out dated thinking however, the humor he does put into his books and characters do make up for it.

Who should read these books?

For adventure and humour, you really can’t go past David Eddings.  He probably is better suited to teenage readers, though they are enjoyable to read as an adult as well.  If you enjoyed The Belgariad, you are likely to enjoy this as well.

I give the series an overall score of 3.5/5 stars.

Reading order

The Belgariad

The Malloreon  Purchase   vol 1   and   vol 2

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