4/5 star rating


The Stone and the Flute by Hans Bemmann

I picked up this monster of a book during high school, having some eight hundred pages, it took me a few days to read through it.  I enjoyed it so much that I went back to it awhile later and re-read it.  To me this is on my list of underappreciated and undervalued books.  It is slow and it does meanders but at the same time it’s almost hypnotizing, mesmerizing and even relaxing.  It doesn’t get any where near the attention it really deserves.



Listener sets out to find his grandfather carrying a mysterious stone which takes him far away to do great harm.  Through the powers of the stone and a magic flute Listener eventually comes to find happiness and possess a power greater than life itself.


This book weaves in and out of Listeners life and yes some people will find the story drags in places.  This is a novel about life, the world, people and nature.  The human element in this story really can not by under estimated, the characters are flawed, with people you can sympathize with and those you do not.  Listener is as flawed as any, with good intentions but stubborn, full of mistakes and a bit spoiled by the gifts he has been given.  He doesn’t seem to learn by his mistakes but learns other lessons along the way that lead to happiness.


Background info

The Stone and The Flute was originally written in German and some argue something was lost in translation.  Hans Bemmann was a German writer who studied German language and literature and well as musicology in Innsbruck.  He worked as a Editor and went on to give lectures in German studies.


Who should read this book?

This is actually a hard one to answer, it has action, it has adventure but it takes the reader on entirely different adventure.  This a tale about life and more about the misadventures that happen during life through poor choices and mistakes made along the way.  I highly recommend reading it simply because the journey it takes you on is so different to anything else.

I give The Stone and The Flute a 4/5 star rating.


Reading Order

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While I have to admit that I haven’t read it, Hans Bemmann is also known for writing The Broken Goddess.

Perhaps you have read it and have thoughts to share.